My personal mission is to help create the conditions that support increased engagement, purpose and compassion in the world.

Perhaps you are:

  • Among the increasing percentage of the global population feeling the impact of stress and overwhelm in our always-on, volatile world.
  • Aware that managing emotions and building relationships are essential skills for success at every level of the organization.
  • Curious about how to bring out the best in yourself and others

Together we can build an ecosystem of connection, impact and well-being.

I partner with clients to offer:

  • Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training
  • Individual workplace performance coaching


Content creation, program facilitation, or curriculum consultation in the areas of:

  • Mindfulness / Attention training
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Compassionate leadership
  • Resilience
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Women’s leadership

About Lori

Lori is a passionate advocate for creating lives of meaning and engagement in both personal and professional realms. A near fatal bicycle accident in her early 40’s triggered a humbling re-evaluation of her values, actions and identity.

Recognizing that while our lives are short, our choices have a ripple effect on the world around us, Lori is committed to living in alignment with awareness, integrity and whole-heartedness. She is dedicated to supporting others desiring to have a similar positive impact.

What we know matters but who we are matters more. 
– Brené Brown

With a background in marketing, positive psychology, and mindfulness practice, Lori brings a unique set of skills and expertise to working with individuals and organizations. She has taught thousands of people in diverse global settings and is known for her ability to foster connection with warmth, humor and authenticity, while inspiring the best in others.

She is a senior faculty member at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), an organization born at Google, where she mentors and trains teachers, and designs and facilitates both in-person and virtual mindfulness based emotional intelligence programs. Lori is currently involved in a 2-year project in Bhutan working in partnership with the Gross National Happiness initiative bringing SIYLI’s program to all levels of the Bhutanese government.

Lori is also a curriculum contributor and facilitator at: LinkedIn, Purpose Blue, Wisdom Labs, Mindfulness Rx and the Mindfulness Training Institute. Lori is a faculty member leading nature-based mindfulness retreats at Esalen Institute, Modern Elder Academy, and Canyon Ranch.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, and a MA in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, trained by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach through the Greater Good Science Center.

“Lori has been a fantastic partner. She has deep subject matter expertise, coupled with world class content development and facilitation skills. Lori is one of the best I’ve seen at translating mindfulness and compassion concepts into the workplace environment in a meaningful way. I trust her in front of any audience, from the C-suite to individual contributors. She’s a joy to work with. Her effervescence is contagious!”

Scott Shute

Director of Mindfulness and Compassion, LinkedIn