Upcoming Programs, Workshops and Retreats

Below are upcoming events I will either be facilitating or guest speaking at. I hope to see you there!

“I have had the pleasure of teaching with Lori at the Modern Elder Academy. She is both an exceptionally articulate speaker and a kind and compassionate facilitator. Through her warmth, wisdom and clarity, she is a catalyst for helping people realize their true potential.”

– Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Deepening through Nature

With Laurie Cameron
Nov 11 – 15, 2021

Our world moves so rapidly that we can go from achieving one goal to the next without much thought. But is that the best way to experience a life well-lived?

The beauty, wonder, and resilience found in nature offers us a different perspective on living life fully. Join us to discover how to use nature as an ally for deepening wisdom, connecting with the body, sparking inspiration, and expanding the heart. Guest mindfulness experts Lori Schwanbeck and Laurie Cameron will create an experience for connection where learning, gratitude, and healing can emerge.


Past Events

Awakening Joy and Wonder: A Mindfulness in Nature Retreat

With Mark Coleman  
Sept 10 – 12, 2021

In these volatile and uncertain times, where so much of our lives are lived virtually, it is vital we stay connected to our own bodies and the body of the earth to access wisdom and perspective.

Opening the senses, the heart, and the mind to the wonder of nature revitalizes and reconnects us to our aliveness. During our time together, we will use nature to cultivate a receptive, embodied quality of attention where states of joy, awe, and wonder will increase your capacity for well-being and inspired action.



What needs to end to make space for a new beginning? How do you resist letting go of things that need to be released? 

Summer, 2021 

Following ancient traditions on this winter solstice, we will take this poignant time to retreat, slow down, and enter stillness, silence and inner exploration.  During this retreat, we will use meditations, ritual, time in nature, inquiry and group exercises and discussion as ways to explore this theme of transition. Participants can leave clear and courageous in taking the next steps to create an inspired life.

Join us to meet the changes in your life with acceptance and clarity.

Spring Renewal Gathering

With Laurie Cameron  
April 24, 2021 | 9am PDT

Join Lori Schwanbeck and Laurie Cameron as we gather our community of Fully Alive practitioners for an hour of practice to refresh and revitalize. Nature will be our guide as we open to the vibrancy and beauty of Spring through sensory practices, discovering wonder, and feeling joy. The offering is free, and we welcome those who’ve participated in our retreats and those who are new to the Fully Alive gatherings.

The Nature Summit

An Online Event
May 11 – 17, 2021 

Join an extraordinary group of 30+ speakers for an important conversation about nature and our planet. Learn from renowned authors, scientists, mindfulness and meditation teachers, artists, environmentalists, activists, indigenous elders, and more. Watch all 30+ sessions from your computer, phone, or tablet. Bring the Summit with you anywhere. Enjoy each day’s presentations any time of day or night for 48 hours absolutely free with an option to buy extended viewing rights for life.

Back To Life!

With Mark Coleman
June 3 – 6, 2021

An immersive experience of connection to ourselves, other people, and nature through contemplative practices and fantastic food at Camp Earnest in Twain Harte, California.

As the world starts to open up again, we’re all feeling a little depleted, emerging from our online lives with a longing to reawaken a connection with life and with each other.

Come join us for a vibrant weekend of nourishment, nature, and community. Together we will explore the beauty of the wilderness, rekindle the art of human connection, and cultivate mindfulness through meditation and sensory awareness practice outdoors.

Fireside Chat

With Laurie Cameron  
February 26, 2021 | 12pm EST

Join Lori Schwanbeck and Laurie Cameron for a fireside chat and practice time. We will be LIVE for 30 minutes on Friday, Feb. 26th  at 9:00 am PST on Zoom, sharing practices and answering questions about our upcoming retreat “The Art and Science of being Fully Alive”.

The Art and Science of Being Fully Alive: Spring Retreat

An Online Event
March 13, 2021 | 8am – 2pm

You are invited on a journey to rekindle your aliveness, vitality, and sense of possibility.  During times of change, challenge, and uncertainty, humans have gathered round the fire for reflection, to share wisdom, and feel the support of connection.  During our retreat, we will circle around our virtual hearth and explore ways to creatively meet the challenges and opportunities of this threshold time.  Using practices of meditation, self-compassion, inquiry, and nature-based mindfulness we will reconnect with what is most alive in our bodies, our hearts, and our relationships.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Public Program

Effective Teaming
Mar 17, 23 & Apr 19, 2021

Search Inside Yourself was developed inside Google. Now, it’s available to everyone. Learn practical skills to build a thriving team environment based on trust, psychological safety, empathy, and inclusion.

Based on neuroscience and modern behavioral research, this 3-hour interactive online program will help you improve communication, strengthen relationships and develop high-performing, connected teams


LinkedIn Day of Compassion at Wisdom 2.0  
June 26-17, 2019

We will gather leaders from various fields to explore wise, clear, and compassionate leadership in the modern age.

What you will learn:

  • Being a witness to your own thoughts and responding versus reacting
  • Engaging and Supporting Teams
  • The role of Empathy and Compassion
  • The power of connection and psychological safety in teams
  • Fostering a creative work environment through compassion

Join us for the Compassion in Leadership Summit.
(in Partnership with LinkedIn)


Midlife deserves its own reflections,
rituals and relevance.

Nov 3-10, 2019

We’re tired of the old version of retirement, reverence and irrelevance. So, we’ve reclaimed “elder.” A Modern Elder is the perfect alchemy of curious and wise, with curiosity leading to expansive inquiry while wisdom distills what’s essential. But it’s only through cultivating our wisdom, building emotional intelligence, strengthening intergenerational collaboration, and finding a deeper meaning in our work and personal lives, that we become modern elders. MEA is a place and a school with its own unique curriculum and celebrations for this time of life, so we can all “grow whole, not old.”

Join us this week to connect more deeply with nature inside and out, and integrate mindfulness into your life.


Restore your human nature and reclaim
your natural intelligence.

Winter 2019

Are you longing to let go of the stress, busyness, and distractions of life and reconnect to a more nourishing rhythm where calm, clarity and wisdom can be cultivated? Join us as we drop in, leave the digital world and re-engage with the natural world to realign, resource, and rejuvenate. To find balance in this age of artificial intelligence, we will build your emotional intelligence, using nature-based mindfulness practices to give you the human nature advantage. You will calm the mind, open the heart and reawaken your senses.

Join us for a potent time full of playful discovery, quiet contemplation, and personal inquiry.

What I have learned is that people become motivated when you guide them to the source of their own power and when you make heroes out of employees who personify what you want to see in the organization.

– Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

“Learning SIY from Lori made me feel a sense of accomplishment towards understanding myself. She was humble and modest in her presentation. Her words and actions demonstrated how she embodied what she taught to us. She is my inspiration and role model. Thank you for bringing the joy of discovering my strength and offering me the attitude of freedom to offer my kindness in the service to my children in school and beyond.”


Principal, Gelephu Middle Secondary School, Sarpang District, Bhutan